JoyOfKitties is a small CFA and CCA  Registered    Cattery in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.  Our breeding prog
ram focuses on health, temperment, type and elegance, conforming with the CFA breed standard.   We specialize in Red, Tortie and Lynx Colorpoint Shorthairs.   All of our kittens are important members of our  household, raised with love and tenderness to produce well adjusted, loving companions.  Kittens are placed in approved show and pet homes at the age of 16 weeks.  All pet kittens  are altered before they are placed. 

             I make sure my kittens receive all 3 of their kitten shots.  They receive a purevax rabies vaccine.  There is less chance of a reaction with this rabies vaccine and my Vet gives this with a booster.   They are  wormed multiple times and  receive a Health Certificate from my Vet.   Kittens are Guaranteed against Genetic Defect ONLY.  They are neutered/spayed at 16 weeks and are placed a week later.  All litters are registered with CFA.  There is nothing left to do when  they go  home other than to love and enjoy them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
            Colorpoint Shorthair Breed Council Member

CFA GRC JoyOfKitties Kailani of Teakatut


Presenting JoyOfKitties First Homegrown CFA
Grand CHampion,

GRC JoyOFkitties Kailani of Teakatut, Lilac Cream Lynx Colorpoint Shorthair, Many thanks to Kailani's owners Sandi Douglas and Gail Moser.

GRC Futomaki RedHotInRio of Kittkats


Introducing our newest GRC, GRC Futomaki RedHotInRio of Kittkats finishing his Grande under Diana Doerenberg. Rio is the son of our beautiful Anja x Avatar. Rio goes on to join his many beautiful siblings; Cyclone, Aria, and our newest beauty Anika. Co Owned by Hymer-Cicerello-Day-Noggle